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SC governor locks herself out of the Governor's Mansion — in her robe


Like many parents, Nikki Haley was on her porch in her robe packing her kids off to school Wednesday morning. Then she turned around to discover that she'd locked herself out of the house.

Unlike other parents, Haley is the governor of South Carolina, and the house is the Governor's Mansion in Columbia.

"What not to do...getting locked out of the Governor's mansion in your robe while sending the kids off to school. sigh...#adayinthelife" Haley wrote Wednesday on Facebook.

The governor's office didn't say how Haley got back in, but she's always accompanied by agents of the State Law Enforcement Division, who also take her children, Rena, 15, and Nalin, 11, to school.

More than 62,000 people had "liked" Haley's post by Wednesday evening, many of them hailing her for her openness.

But the state Democratic Party had a different take. Haley, a Republican, announced last week that she's running for re-election, and in a statement, the Democrats said:

"File this under Fake Transparency, because it certainly is telling about Nikki Haley's priorities when it comes to sharing information with the people of South Carolina."

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