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Feds: Texas dry-cleaning businessman found with fake CIA, military credentials

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The owner of a Texas dry cleaning business who was arrested in October had fraudulent CIA credentials, various weapons and camouflage items including raid gear, according to a federal search warrant obtained by NBCDFW.com.

Until his Oct. 2 arrest, Azeez Al-Ghaziani, 30, owned a dry cleaner in the city of Hurst.

Someone called Hurst police to report a damaged pickup parked behind his business.

When officers arrived, they saw what appeared to be fraudulent military identification cards inside the vehicle, police said at the time. They also found several guns and ammunition.

Police called in federal agents, and Al-Ghaziani's vehicle and business were searched later that day. He was arrested on a charge of tampering with a government document.

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An agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service offered new details about the case in an application for a search warrant of Al-Ghaziani's computer, which is now in FBI custody.

The warrant was approved by a judge and executed last month.

According to the warrant, authorities found a number of suspicious items in Al-Ghaziani's pickup and business, including:

  • fraudulent CIA credentials;
  • Department of Defense military credentials;
  • assorted digital camouflage items;
  • body armor carrier;
  • raid jacket with duty belt;
  • and half-gram of white powder which tested positive for methamphetamine.

Al-Ghaziani's attorney, J. Warren St. John, declined to discuss why his client would have such things but did dispute the agent's information.

"The majority of the allegations aren't true," St. John said.

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The NCIS agent noted in the court document that he is assigned to the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force, but there are no allegations Al-Ghaziani was involved in any terrorist plot.

Al-Ghaziani, a one-time soldier in the U.S. Army, is from Fort Worth, his attorney said.