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Police spot stolen truck being buried in giant sandpit in New York state

Orleans County Sheriffs Dept, via The Batavia Daily News / AP

In an undated photo provided Wednesday, by the Orleans County Sheriffs Dept. a truck is partially buried in a sand pit at Country Construction in Murray, N.Y

Thieves snatched a truck from a business in an Upstate New York town -- and the evidence almost disappeared into the sands of time.

But a week after it was taken, the vehicle was discovered by eagle-eye investigators flying around Wayne County, according to local media.

“Jeffery Paul was in the process of burying the box truck,” Investigator Corey Black told the Batavia News, referring to the son of David Paul, who owns Country Construction, where the truck was spotted.“He was bulldozing it under in a sand pit.”

With a search warrant in hand, police found other suspected stolen property in the 77-acre site. “We recovered the box truck, two stolen backhoes, one old one that had been dismantled, and a stolen car,” Black said. Only the box truck was buried in the sand pit.

Investigators described the Pauls as cooperative. They face possession of stolen property charges, according to Black.

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